The Assemblies of Yahweh and people of good will are remembering
the life of Elder Jacob O. Meyer
Tribute to to elder Meyer
Elder Jacob O. Meyer
11/11/1934 - 04/09/2010



I gaze as in amazement

I am lost in thought; not knowing what to think

I drag myself back to reality to realize where I am and what I am doing

I travel back in time to be reminded of my loss:

Our loss is great, but by faith our loss is not really loss.

We can never repay so great a love; a leader who led by example

We are stripped bare of our pride and arrogance

We are humbled by so meek a man, so great a teacher, so__

We shudder to think of so great a shoe to fill; Yet Yahweh's hand is not shortened: Thanks to the gifts of the spirit.

We cannot comprehend such depth of knowledge and wisdom, and love for Yahweh

We mourn the passing of our mentor, one whose heart was full of understanding.

So let the name of Yahweh and his son Yahshua be preached so every ear can hear

So let us awake from our sleep and slumber and prepare for the sound of the trumpet

So let the love of Yahshua our messiah fill our hearts to bear the fruits of the spirit

So let his labor be not in vain, for he labored tirelessly

So let us stand with renewed zeal to establish The Great Commission

He has left us with a compass to chart our course, and Yahshua our messiah is the way

He left an example to follow, and a place to go.

On to the kingdom!




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